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Our new Romans workshop is tailored perfectly to the revised Roman Britain content of the 2014 National Curriculum, offering a day full of fun and interactive living history in the comfort of your school (as per all our workshops) with a visit from Mr B dressed as a Roman Auxilliary soldier from Hadrian's wall.


Designed from the ground up to match the suggested new curriculum content, workshop activities include an interactive fun timeline; a 'soldier's life' activity where we look at the contents of a legionary's marching pack and try on his armour; a marching activity where we form the famous Roman 'Testudo' shield formation; and also a spear throwing task, where pupils get to throw (very) safe soft-tipped training spears at targets.


For more details please visit our site here: Roman primary school workshops.

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Roman school workshop - Mr B the Roman auxilliary! Roman school workshop - the centurion leads the way! Roman school workshop - trying on Roman armour Roman school workshop testudo formation Roman school workshop spear throwing Roman school workshop timeline questions