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In addition to this workshop and our popular WW2 Blitz workshop, we also provide fun and interactive primary science workshops delivered in the same style and with the same teaching quality and level of detail that are a feature of all our school workshops.


Coming in two current themes of "Rockets to Rovers" and "Incredible Inventions", each science workshop has a different focus depending on your curriculum needs, as follows:



An ideal enhancement to your forces or Earth and Space topics, this science workshop looks at the history of space exploration from the very first USA and Russian space race to the Mars Curiosity and Google Lunar X prize rovers, delivered via a full day of exciting activities designed to inspire pupils about science and space technology.


Starting with an HD video presentation, pupils come to the front of the class to take part in inertactive demonstrations with the aid of scale models and genuine space-flown artefacts.   This is followed by pupils driving a remote control lunar rover around our moon landscape, before designing and firing paper rockets in prelude to a final model rocket launch at the end of the day.  


For more activity details and pictures of this science workshop please visit our primary science workshops website.

If you are looking for a modern version of this Victorian Inventions workshop, then this science workshop is for you, providing links not only with science but also design and technology as pupils explore a series of inventions that shaped our modern world.


With a choice of four inventions activities from a range of six different inventions such as steam power, electric telegraph, rockets, the automobile, the aeroplane and photography, your pupils go on a journey of discovery involving the history of each object followed by a task where they actually get to explore its uses.


For example, in the aeroplane activity we use a scale model of the Wright brothers first manned aeroplane the "Wright flyer" to explain how planes fly usng Bernoulli's principle, followed by pupils launching their own paper aeroplanes from one of our custom made electric plane launchers, while in our automobile task, pupils design their own rocket cars to race against each other across the hall or playground.

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We are pleased to launch our new Apollo spacesuit workshop "A Spaceman in your School!", taking both your KS1 and KS2 pupils on a journey through the history of space exploration they will never forget.


Suitable for either age range, Mr B will visit KS1 in role as a spaceman looking for his spaceship to answer pupils' eager questions and have their photo taken with him, before leading a 2 hr interactive presentation for KS2 about not only functions of the spacesuit but also the history of the space race, with a combination of HD videos, scale models and genuine space flown artefacts (the same presentation which also features in our 'Rockets to Rovers' workshop featured below).


Made especially by a US company who specialises in museum-quality replicas, the suit is a detailed copy of the A7L suit used by Neil Armstrong along with all the other 11 men who walked on the moon.