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Balestra living history proudly presents the magnificent ..



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Welcome to a most original

adventure in historical learning

A Day-long Victorian invention

workshop in your primary school!

Tailored perfectly for either Key Stage One or Key Stage Two, pupils are taken on a journey through the wondrous age of Victorian invention, from the development and impact of steam power in the first railways, to the unsurpassable Great Exhibition of 1851 and beyond towards the later technological inventions that are the foundations of our modern age, in an all-important chronological timeline of incredible Victorian inventions.

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Are you looking for an exciting, artefacts-based introduction to either your Victorians, first railways or inventions topic?  Then look no further because our Victorian Inventions workshop is an ideal solution that will bring a definite wow to your pupils' learning experience.

“Thanks for today; it was great!  The children were absolutely enthralled.”


Bridget Harrison, Y5 teacher, Stoke

"Thank you so much for a wonderful, creative workshop!  It was engaging, relevant and hands-on.  The children relished the opportunity to handle the artefacts and loved dressing up as Victorians during the photo shoot.  First class!"


Faye Cooper, Y6 teacher, Bolton

But that's not all, because with free planning and resources linked to the new 2014 National Curriculum, and with the workshop planned and delivered by an experienced QTS teacher, you are guaranteed an extremely high quality learning experience that will stay in pupils' minds with the following activities:

(For the Key Stage One version please cick here, but it is basically more teacher-led, with each class visiting the hall or classroom to pass around and look at all the inventions, followed by taking turns powering Stephenson's Rocket from the steam task featured below)

Key Stage Two workshop