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Balestra living history proudly presents the magnificent ..



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Welcome to a most original

adventure in historical learning

A Day-long Victorian invention

workshop in your primary school!

From the development and impact of steam power in the first railways, to the unsurpassable Great Exhibition of 1851 and beyond towards the later technological inventions that are the foundations of our modern age, our workshop covers all the major innovations from Queen Victoria's long and truly industrious reign in one invigorating bundle, in tailored versions for both Key Stage 2 and Key stage 1.


An ideal alternative to the usual Victorian School workshop, our invention workshop allows the pupils to embark on a historical learning journey through the following activities (please click each link to go to our 'workshop details' page for more information):

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Our in-school primary school workshop provides a valuable insight into the groundbreaking Victorian age of invention and innovation with a full five hours of interactive activities designed to maximise the learning of your pupils and take them to the heart of this wondrous era.

Add to this the fact that each primary school workshop is planned and delivered by an experienced QTS teacher, and backed by a growing list of accompanying FREE Victorian lesson plans and teaching resources and you can see why our workshops are becoming an extremely popular choice for many schools in today's economic climate.  For a free enquiry pack or to enquire about available dates, please click here.

“Thanks for today; it was great!  The children were absolutely enthralled.”


Bridget Harrison, Y5 teacher, Stoke

"Thank you so much for a wonderful, creative workshop!  It was engaging, relevant and hands-on.  The children relished the opportunity to handle the artefacts and loved dressing up as Victorians during the photo shoot.  First class!"


Faye Cooper, Y6 teacher, Bolton