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Key Stage One Victorian history Workshop

Our Victorians workshop for Key Stage One is a shorter, half-day version of the KS2 workshop which has been tailored specifically to the needs and abilities of younger pupils, made up of the two of the four activities that are most suitable for KS1 pupils.


The two activities are the STEPHENSON'S ROCKET activity and the VICTORIAN PHOTOGRAPHY activity, both of which allow pupils to experience two key inventions from the Victorian age, by letting them power Stephenson's Rocket around the track and also dressing up as Victorians and having their black and white picture taken with a genuine 1880 lens.  This is a fun, popular workshop that also works well as a full day, two class experience, with the activities repeated twice.

1) Power Stephenson's Rocket in a race against your classmates!

boy powering a steam train in our victorian history workshop

Linked to the "First Railways' topic, this mini reenactment of the famous Rainhill Trials allows pupils to power an air powered replica of Stephenson's 'Rocket' around a 25ft track using a stirrup pump, learning all about this key invention that changed the world!

steam train used in our first railways victorian workshop

2) Dress as a Victorian and take pictures with an 1880 lens!

girl dressed as victorian in our primary history workshop

In this activity pupils learn all about the birth of photography, dress up in Victorian clothes, and, using natural light, learn how cameras work while taking photos of their friends. This is one of our most popular activities as you get to dress up and keep the pictures as well!

cameras used in our victorian history school visit
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