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Our inventions workshop for Key Stage One is a shorter, half-day version of the KS2 workshop which has been tailored specifically to the needs and abilities of younger pupils, made up of the two of the four activities that are most suitable for KS1 pupils.


The two activities are the STEPHENSON'S ROCKET activity and the VICTORIAN PHOTOGRAPHY activity, both of which allow pupils to experience two key inventions from the Victorian age, by letting them power Stephenson's Rocket around the track and also dressing up as Victorians and having their black and white picture taken with a genuine 1880 lens from one of the cameras we look at.


This is also underpinned by an introduction about the Victorian age in general, including details of Victoria coming to the throne and about many more key inventions such as the electric telegraph, the light bulb and, of course, jelly babies :).


This is a fun, popular workshop that also works well as a full day, two class experience, with the activities repeated twice.

steam train inventions workshop


  • A half day or full day for either one or two classes (but can also cover 4 classes with just a single task per class).

AGE SUITABILITY NOTE, PLEASE READ IF TEACHING Y1 STRAIGHT FROM RECEPTION: please note that the workshop is better suited to y1 pupils from the Spring term onwards as they are often too small to work the steam pump in September when they are fresh from reception.  That said, please contact us for further details through the enquiry page if you want to discuss it further.

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  • Features two of the KS2 workshop activities of the 'Stephenson's Rocket' steam train task and the Victorian photography task (please note that the other two tasks of the telegraph and music box aren't suitable for this age range).

  • Pupils get to handle real Victorian cameras, an amazing 3d Victorian stereoviewer and also power the model train.

  • Each pupil gets a 'Victorian' photo, taken by our adapted camera (a modern camera with the real Victorian lens attached) that you can download and keep on your school computer.